About Me

I am a 3D Animator. I graduated from the University of South Wales with a High Upper Second Class Honers studying a BA (Hons) in Computer Animation. My main speciality is animation towards games and film. This ranges from character performance to body mechanics and creature animation. I previously worked at TT Games as a QA Tester.

I'm determined towards a career in the game or film industry. I feel I can bring worlds to life and create believable and emotional moments through animation, be that realtime or cut-scenes in order to immerse the person in the overall experience. It's not just the game itself that I revel in playing. I enjoy study the character animations, game play mechanics and cut-scenes. Video Games and Films always act as inspiration for my own creative intuition and appreciation.

My main objective in my personal life is to learn and master a range of 3D programs in addition to creating expressive and believable animations to the highest standard I can achieve. I thoroughly enjoy challenging projects and thrive well under pressure, as this is imperative for my personal growth and therefore success.

My curriculum vitae can be found by clicking here.

Professional Experience

QA Tester
August 2016 - March 2017

QA Testing
LEGO Dimensions Waves 6-10

QA Testing
LEGO Worlds


BA (Hons) Computer Animation
Upper Second Class Honours
2013 - 2016

Extended Diploma in Computers & Design
DMM - BTEC Level 3
2011 - 2013

Software Knowledge


Hand Keyed Animation
Motion Capture Clean Up
HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Body Mechanics Animation
Character Performance
Particles Effects

Motion Capture & Clean Up
Creature Animation
Music Composition
Digital Drawing