I have always had a passion for animation which emerged its self through my love of video games. There's something unique special about animation, I believe it is the expression and story behind characters in games and films that drive a narrative forward, immersing the person whatever the case may be, and creating an emotional connection between them. I'm fascinated by how animation can make such an impact on people’s feelings, making them feel, happy, sad, heroic or scared. I want to bring worlds to life and create believable and emotional moments through animation in order to immerse the player in the overall experience.

Personal Work

Under Development

This animation project is currently undergoing development. Check back here sometime soon.

Particle Effects 2016

Particle Effects composited in After Effects, created in Maya & 3ds Max using; FumeFx and Krakatoa.

Dr Who - Fan Made

Doctor Who Time Vortex (Fan Made) Created using Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Trapcode Particular.

Particle Effects 2014

Particle Effects composited in Nuke. Created in Maya and 3dsMax. Plugins; RealFlow, FumeFx and Krakatoa.

University of South Wales

3rd Year Animation Showreel

Third Year Animation Showreel showcasing game animation created for a third year video game project.

2nd Year Animation Showreel

Second Year Animation Showreel showcasing mechanical animation work ranging from runs to deaths.

One Day - Performance Anim

Second year performance animation based of a ten second randomly  selected audio clip.

Morpheus - Gun Run Cycle

A first year run cycle animation that was created with the Morpheus Rig holding a weapon.

Wolf - Walk Cycle

This animation was created as part of a first year project in which I modeled, rigged and animated an wolf.

Painting with Film

A visual animation created in Premiere Pro using Photoshop where a story is told through music and moving image.

Norman - Walk Cycle

This walk cycle was created as part of a first year animation project using the Norman Rig in Autodesk Maya.

Sound Sync

Sound Sync is project created in Maya using basic 3D shapes and colours in sync with an assigned music track.

Pembrokeshire College

Minecraft - 3D Animation

A Minecraft 3D Animation created for a college project. Based off the mining and exploring aspects of the game.

Tic Tac's - Stop Motion

A Tic Tac Stop Motion animation created with iStopMotion using Orange and Lime Tic Tac's, created as a project in college.

Count the Units - Flash

Count the Units is a Flash Animation to create awareness of the risks of Drink Driving over the Christmas period.